Was your boat show cancelled?
Then create a virtual one
that anyone can attend!

Whether you are selling or chartering your yacht,
your on-line presentation is the only impression your clients will get until further notice
. . . and you can make one in 30 minutes!

There are lots of yachts competing for the clients' attention. But do you realize that most of them would not be able to pinpoint where most of your photos are taken?
So, give yourself a competitive edge and get your yacht in front of your customers in a way they understand.

And how do you do that? We have developed a simple app, that makes it super-easy, fast and affordable. Upload your deck plans, put your pictures into directional photo-points and generate a link you can post anywhere. Now, anyone will know what they are looking at and where it is. No video teams, no appointments, no waiting. Just you, a tablet, about 30 minutes and you can send the link with the presentation to anyone and post it anywhere. And when you change anything on-board, you can just upload the new photos and synchronize the presentation.

CLICK HERE to see the presentation of a 150' motor yacht

CLICK HERE to see the presentation of a 70' catamaran

    How does it work? Just download the app to any tablet and choose the solution that suits you the best between the options below. If you have a small monohull, 7 photos might be enough. Most catamarans would need 15 and there is also an option for 30 photos if you have a larger yacht.

    Right after your purchase, we will send you the login details and you are ready to go. You can either use photos you already have or walk around the yacht with the tablet and take them as you go.

    Right now, we are offering the app without the usual $249 set-up fee so it will only cost you $7 – 20/months to showcase your yacht in a way that anybody can understand.



That fee depends on how many photos you want to show off your yacht.
If you do not find the option you need below, please contact us.
THIS APP IS FOR TABLETS ONLY! Your phone would be too small anyway 😉


      Pro Version
      FREE App
      7 photos


      • Billed per Year – 84$/Yr
      • Hosting fee
      You need to provide a cancel URL page in the settings

      Pro Version
      FREE App
      15 photos


      • Billed per Year – 144$/Yr
      • Hosting fee
      You need to provide a cancel URL page in the settings

      Pro Version
      FREE App
      30 photos


      • Billed per Year – 240$/Yr
      • Hosting fee
      You need to provide a cancel URL page in the settings

The App allows to publish the number of photos, available on 5 floor plans.


We have made two apps.

A FREE demo where you can play around with the features and see how it all works.

The paid Pro version, where you can upload your own layouts and photos, create a link and post it anywhere.



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